The International Workshop on
"Digitization and E-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2012" (DEIMS12)

February 8-10, 2012, Nihon University, College of Science and Technology, Surugadai Campus, Tokyo, Japan.

DEIMS12 ended successfully. We greatly appreciate all contributions to the workshop. Now, the proceedings can be downloaded from here.


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As can be seen by the spread of online journals, information in mathematics, the sciences and other fields is being digitized for various purposes. Computerized processing of such information is also being actively studied. However, the digitization of mathematical/scientific content, and its eventual applications, have special problems. For example, such content includes many technical characters, symbols, and notation such as mathematical formulae, figures and tables, putting them beyond the capabilities of standard OCR (optical character recognition). Better interfaces are needed to improve the environment for e-learning, digital libraries and other applications for mathematics and the sciences.

One of the most important tasks in this field is accessibility. Since most digitized scientific content such as online journals and e-learning mathematical content are still not accessible for the visually impaired, it is hard for them to access content available to the fully sighted. Research aimed at making those contents more accessible is necessary to achieve a truly inclusive society.

The International Workshop on "Digitization and E-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2012" (DEIMS12), supported by Nihon University, Junior College Funabashi Campus and the Not-for-Profit Organization: Science Accessibility Net, will bring together experts from around the world to present and discuss the state of the art, current research and development activities and future perspectives on those topics.

A similar workshop was held in Fukuoka, Japan, December 2009, the title of which was "Workshop on E-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2009" (WEIMS09).

DEIMS12 is planned as the second in this series of workshops. The change in title reflects the new topics which have been added to the scope of the workshop, in particular, that of "Digitizing Mathematics and Science".

Our research group, the Infty Project, has organized a series of workshops on scientific- information processing and its accessibility, once a year for the past 15 years in Japan. DEIMS12 will take its place as one in this series.

The main topics of the workshop will include, but not be limited to:

- Digitizing printed scientific documents (technology / practice)

- Digital mathematical / scientific libraries

- Accessibility of scientific documents (e.g. PDF to DAISY)

- Accessibility of tables and figures

- E-publishing and its accessibility

- E-learning and online services in scientific fields

- Assistive tools for disabled people

- Services and technologies for an inclusive environment

- Higher education for disabled students

- Other related topics.


Keynote Lecture:

Petr Penaz and Svatoslav Ondra

Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

Masaryk University, Czech Republic


Call for papers:

The Deadline for Submissions Is Postponed:

For your convenience, and in response to the many requests, we are extending the deadline for submissions to 18 Nov. 2011.

To submit a paper, please see here.


Key Dates:

18 November 2011 (JST) - Submission deadline of extended abstracts,

16 December 2011 (JST) - Notification of acceptance,

9 January 2012 (JST) - Submission deadline of camera-ready versions.


If you have any questions, please contact Katsuhito Yamaguchi at

The workshop contact e-mail address: deims12-office "@"

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